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Been out today with my Fuji GFX 50r ..the imagery from it blows me away. Zoom in at 100% ..the detail spoils you. Do I need any other camera for Portraiture or Landscape photography, the answers definitely not.

I have the Sony A7iii for weddings. For the money this is the perfect camera.The battery lasts and it's different obviously from the GFX ,in as much I don't have to worry about movement when taking a picture. Face and eye detection is second to non which is what I need for my weddings it takes the worry out of missing shots.

Back to my GFX .. it makes you stop and think about your subject need to set it up on a tripod to get the maximum out of the is possible to shoot hand held by upping the speed. I have had some really nice images using it this way.Take your time though with setting the shot up and it will bring out every detail for you.It's breath taking quality.

a. Portland Bill. Dorset Using The GFX 50r Camera.

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