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Trends regarding Wedding Photography

There is still a call for the traditional wedding, however, when you take into consideration all the waiting

around to set up the group shots its possible that the day could lose its rhythm some of the congregation might get restless. This is where a photographer has to use diplomacy and keep a reign on the time.

I'm not saying there isn't a call for traditional weddings of cause there is and it does provide a record of everybody that attended for the family members in the future.

The client is always king they are hiring us to provide exactly what they want its their day their moneyman recent years however the documentary style wedding has been strong, I love it i find it less stressful keeping a low profiles the key, it's shooting the day as it happens and a lot can: drama, emotion, looking for that candid shot all the time, this is the skill of the documentary photographer however, I always make it clear to the bride and groom that I like to keep group shots to a minimum and if they require group shots I'm not going to deny them it's their day and I want them to love what I bring to the table to provide beautiful imagery of their big day.

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